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Disneyland Half 2011: Making My Russell Costume Part I

The Disneyland Half is in 3 weeks, and I'm totally not ready. But at least I'll look awesome. Or stupid. Either one.

I finally started all the DIY and crafty parts of my costume today...including the thing I was worried about the most: the badge-studded sash. This was particularly tricky. I didn't want buy real Boy Scout iron-on badges because I wanted the weird Pixar ones that Russell actually wears. But then there was the problem of execution. I didn't want to replicate and illustrate the badge designs myself because that will make my brain implode. Luckily, I found links to Pixar's concept art of the badges here. Really, I could've just printed these out and glued them onto the sash but I really wanted the badges to have some depth and to look less like stickers and more like fabric and thread. Then I found my secret ingredient at the hardware store... padding felt stickers. Yup, these circles are the perfect shape + size, and each one features a pretty heavy-duty adhesive back, and most importantly- they barely weigh anything. I gave the felt side a few thin coats of flat white spray paint. I printed the badge designs out on some nifty transparent plastic sticker sheets. I cut the sticker sheet badge circles out and stuck them on the felt side of the furniture padders. The texture effect looks absolutely FRAKKIN' AMAZING. The fabric texture totally shows through the transparent colored film- kind of like the surface of a tennis ball.

(I got the Grape Soda badge from this store on Etsy.)

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You are a genius and so creative. Thank you so much for explaining your process, steps, and links. I hope you don't mind if I mimic your artistic side.

June 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKaren

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