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Race Recap! WDW Half Marathon 2012

Oh the irony. I spent so much time training, so much effort in making my costume, and so much money to actually get to Walt Disney World. And what did I do? I got absolutely wasted the night before the race. 



My TRON costume looked amazing:



Maybe it wasn't the best idea to partake in "Drink Around the World" just seven hours before the race. "Drink Around the World" is where you stop at every country pavilion at Epcot Center and enjoy the alcohol offering from that region. There are 11 countries, and therefore, 11 drinks. We (my friend David + I) even told ourselves to take it easy and drink only beers. Completely harmless right?


Let's just say all rules went out the door when I decided to get a double Irish whiskey on the rocks at the UK Pavilion. Man, I got blitzed. In retrospect, I'm surprised that the Disney staff didn't kick us out because, oh yes, we were those people. Drunk, loud, obnoxious, and superfluously chatty with the staff. I think we even tried to reenact scenes from Assassin's Creed by attempting to scale buildings at the Italy Pavilion. I don't remember much, but I think I had a blast.

I could've slept for a few hours but when I was too drunk and too paranoid about missing the alarm. I ended up sleeping for 20 minutes before I had to get up to prep. I did successfully wobble over to the race site but that wasn't the real problem. The real problem was all the people who wanted to talk to me and ask my about my costume. Crap. I just wasn't emotionally or mentally capable of interacting with other people at that moment. I smiled, nodded, and tried not to throw up in my mouth.


But despite the bouts of near-vomit and utter misery, I still finished. My official time was not great but it was definitely an experience to remember and to laugh about....but to never repeat ever again.

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