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Race Recap! WDW Half Marathon 2012

Oh the irony. I spent so much time training, so much effort in making my costume, and so much money to actually get to Walt Disney World. And what did I do? I got absolutely wasted the night before the race. 



My TRON costume looked amazing:



Maybe it wasn't the best idea to partake in "Drink Around the World" just seven hours before the race. "Drink Around the World" is where you stop at every country pavilion at Epcot Center and enjoy the alcohol offering from that region. There are 11 countries, and therefore, 11 drinks. We (my friend David + I) even told ourselves to take it easy and drink only beers. Completely harmless right?


Let's just say all rules went out the door when I decided to get a double Irish whiskey on the rocks at the UK Pavilion. Man, I got blitzed. In retrospect, I'm surprised that the Disney staff didn't kick us out because, oh yes, we were those people. Drunk, loud, obnoxious, and superfluously chatty with the staff. I think we even tried to reenact scenes from Assassin's Creed by attempting to scale buildings at the Italy Pavilion. I don't remember much, but I think I had a blast.

I could've slept for a few hours but when I was too drunk and too paranoid about missing the alarm. I ended up sleeping for 20 minutes before I had to get up to prep. I did successfully wobble over to the race site but that wasn't the real problem. The real problem was all the people who wanted to talk to me and ask my about my costume. Crap. I just wasn't emotionally or mentally capable of interacting with other people at that moment. I smiled, nodded, and tried not to throw up in my mouth.


But despite the bouts of near-vomit and utter misery, I still finished. My official time was not great but it was definitely an experience to remember and to laugh about....but to never repeat ever again.


Sorry for the crickets.

It's been a while since I updated.

One would assume that I would actually have more time to blog since I got laid off right before Christmas break.



But I'm proud to say I already knocked out two half marathons and January isn't even over yet. For the WDW Half Marathon in Orlando, I wore a TRON costume, and basically ran the race drunk from a crazy night out. At the other end of the spectrum, I achieved my personal best at the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Disneyland while donning my unintentionally slutty Tigerlily costume.

By comparing the finishing times of these two races, getting wasted the night before technically cost me 30 minutes. Thirty minutes in exchange for a night of memorable drunken revelry and an additional day of bedridden recovery? Not that bad of a deal actually.

Race recaps and Tron costume tutorial coming soon!


WDW Half Marathon 2012: Costume Brainstorming

Holy pants-less sailor duck balls...

the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is only 6 weeks away

Since people really enjoyed my Russell costume from this year's Disneyland Half, I think I may have to craft a costume for the upcoming Disney World Orlando race as well. There aren't any more chubby Asian kid characters left in Disney's library, so I guess can't really go for authenticity this time around. I've flirted with the idea of dressing up as a Disney princess...but that's really not my thing. (Though if I had to choose, it would be a toss up between Ariel and Jasmine - but both would involve baring my midriff, and my midriff looks like a giant bagel.)

I guess I can be a jackass and dress up as a Marvel character.

If I can't shoot for originality, I might as well aim for execution. I've seen a couple of runners dress up as Tron characters before, and I really dig the idea. But it's definitely tough to pull off a costume that looks like something from the movie, light up properly, and be fairly comfortable to run in. 

Yup, this will be my challenge in these next few weeks.

For the users! 


Race Recap! Disneyland Half Marathon 2011

The magical day I've been daydreaming about for months finally came, and fluttered quickly away. Like a Tinkerbell blur. Well, how was it?


  • I GOT TWO MEDALS! One for completing this run, and a special Coast to Coast award for completing a half in Disneyland and a half in Walt Disney World in the same calendar year. Who has two thumbs and the stupidity willingness to spend so much money on travelling for marathons? *This guy*
  • Drew Carey was at the race, and kicked some serious ass.
  • The best part, HANDS DOWN, has got to be running through Angels Stadium. Not because I know anything about baseball outside of the original NES game, but because all the local Orange County scout troops were out there cheering runners on. And the little boy scout kids WENT NUTS upon seeing me in my Russell garb. "RUSSELLLL!!!!!!"  "WHERE'S DUG!?"


  • The weight of the badges made the sash fling up and down way too much. I already have to deal with inescapable boob-bouncing. I had to strap the sash down with my backpack's dorky torso stability clasp, knowing very well that this will push my chesticles together in a very unflattering way - as if a Chipotle burrito was horizontally lodged in my sports bra.

  •  I didn't indulge in a proper breakfast and ended up eating a whole giant stick of energy chews. It felt like a party gone wrong in my mouth. Then this horrible party had an after-party in my stomach. And eventually, the whole thing moved down to the hotel lobby (aka the toilet in Fantasyland).


  • This blood blister keeps getting bloodier and blisterier.


TIME  2:14:17

AVERAGE PACE  10:15 minute/mile

A half hour faster than my last half marathon. My biggest secret tip? I didn't stop at every single water station. I listened to my body and only drank water when needed, and refrained from using the water station as a convenient excuse to rest. GO BODY, GO!

NEXT GOAL - 2:00:00 Half Marathon time!


Disneyland Half 2011: Making My Russell Costume Part II

I got my Pixar Up Russell running costume done just in the nick of time! Here are all the parts, professionally lit by cheap hotel lights:

  1. Yellow Lole cap from Amazon, with a Wilderness Explorer felt badge
  2. Pennant made with wooden dowel, orange felt backed by thin cardboard, and printed WE logo on paper circles (thanks to the office color copier, mwahahahah.)
  3. Orange bandana from Amazon, cut diagonally in half to avoid extra bulk. I made the kerchief pin from gold Sculpey clay and painted on the WE logo.
  4. Sash is actually a girl scout extra-long Brownie sash I got from eBay. Details of making the badges here.
  5. Printed logo with cardboard back, wooden beads strung through brown elastic cords, pin glued to back.
  6. Yellow Adidas polo from Zappos, brown running shorts from Patagonia.
  7. [Not in photo] Backpack is the smallest hydration pack from Camelbak's women line that I got from REI's Fourth of July sale. I actually took out the hydration pouch and tubes to lighten the load.

All in all, I am super satisfied and proud of my costume. I tried everything to make it runner-friendly and not to look like a lame half-assed attempt. And speaking of which, even though I put a lot of time and effort into making a lot of the costume parts myself, it was a pricey venture. The base clothes alone made my wallet shed tiny wallet tears.

Full race update soon!


Disneyland Half 2011: Making My Russell Costume Part I

The Disneyland Half is in 3 weeks, and I'm totally not ready. But at least I'll look awesome. Or stupid. Either one.

I finally started all the DIY and crafty parts of my costume today...including the thing I was worried about the most: the badge-studded sash. This was particularly tricky. I didn't want buy real Boy Scout iron-on badges because I wanted the weird Pixar ones that Russell actually wears. But then there was the problem of execution. I didn't want to replicate and illustrate the badge designs myself because that will make my brain implode. Luckily, I found links to Pixar's concept art of the badges here. Really, I could've just printed these out and glued them onto the sash but I really wanted the badges to have some depth and to look less like stickers and more like fabric and thread. Then I found my secret ingredient at the hardware store... padding felt stickers. Yup, these circles are the perfect shape + size, and each one features a pretty heavy-duty adhesive back, and most importantly- they barely weigh anything. I gave the felt side a few thin coats of flat white spray paint. I printed the badge designs out on some nifty transparent plastic sticker sheets. I cut the sticker sheet badge circles out and stuck them on the felt side of the furniture padders. The texture effect looks absolutely FRAKKIN' AMAZING. The fabric texture totally shows through the transparent colored film- kind of like the surface of a tennis ball.

(I got the Grape Soda badge from this store on Etsy.)