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Welcome to Chariots of Ire! 

Maybe you're like me who has a 9-to-5-but-you-really-leave-at-7 office job. There's always a whole bunch of shit to take care of everyday. Maybe you're like me who really likes to party. Hard.  It's hard to find time and energy to take on running as a hobby. This blog documents my quest to get better at running as well as my quest to learn to love running. Who knows? Maybe I'll become less of an abrasive human being along the way too! I promise that on this blog, I will try...

...not to be preachy. I once knew an annoying person who truly felt that getting a colonic was the ultimate spiritual experience, and tried to make everyone around her go through with it. And if you didn't want a tube of jetting water up your butt hole, then you will never be in tune with your "spirit." Dude, whatevs. I hate it when people do that.

...not to be overly technical. Despite being Asian, crazy overload of numbers and statistics make me stress the eff out. Though running and science are kind of like BFFs, I'm going to leave all the big boy science talk with you know, the scientists. be truthful. There will be no leaving out unsightly details here! No, siree! If I just so happen to get my privates waxed an hour before running a sweat-inducing race, you bet your bippy that I'm going to tell you exactly why that was a dumb (and irritating) thing to do.

Do you suck at running?

Well, GOOD. So am I. Let us embark together on the quest on sucking less and we shall commiserate together!

Are you awesome at running?

Okay Awesome Adonis, then you can sit back, relax, and feel good about yourself as you wade through my clumsy running stories. Don't forget to impart your precious knowledge!